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Victorian Junior Championship
By: Alec Spyrou  Tue 31st Oct 2023 - 10:30PM

Warnings of warnings!

During the recent pennant finals there were quite a few instances of frustration being shown by the players, either in the form of banging or slapping table rails, cues coming iinto contact with the floor with a little more force than is necessary, or by audible swearing.

Many referees both past and present, have for a long time chosen to ignore most of these actions but there were and are some who choose the correct procedure, which is to inform those players that the actions so taken are unacceptable.

All the current referees have now been instructed to enforce the rules as they are written in the WPBSA rule book, which can be found in Section 4 (The Players). Specifically rule 1 of that section which directly targets bad language as well as any other action which may be deemed by the referee to be unsporting conduct and that offficial warnings must be administered.

Consideration must also be taken that with the increase of finals matches for major tounament and some pennant finals, that are live streamed, the watching audience and the chance that children could be among them must be kept in mind.

It is a fact that all referees have come from the ranks of the players and certainly understand frustrations and it is for this reason that the instruction to them is to issue a private unofficial word for a first offence which would not result in forfeiture of a frame, but for any further deviation from the rules an official and audible warning will be given where any further unsporting action will result in lost frames.

It is our fervent hope that such a scenario never eventuates and it is for that reason and to be as fair as possible to all, that this information to the players is being made clear.

By: Larry Eforgan  Sun 2nd Jul 2023 - 2:36PM

McKinnon Secondary College Development Program
The below message from VBSA President, Paul Cosgriff, to Pitsa Binnion, McKinnon Secondary College Principal, and Lachlan Noble, Deputy Principal. 
Dear Pitsa and Lachlan
Thank you very much for the opportunity to be at your very fine School yesterday. The time spent with your students was extremely rewarding, and a thoroughly enjoyable experience.
Please convey my appreciation to all the staff and students involved, and, especially your Snooker Captains Holly, Ashley and Tom. They are a credit to themselves, and to their School.
The time spent with the younger students was very pleasing since they showed such enthusiasm and well-mannered respect for both the facilities and the adults in the room.
It was terrific to have the time with you all, and I was especially pleased that  VBSA Marketing & Development Oficer, Jemma Wines, was able to be so involved and supportive. I very much enjoyed having Jemma's children, Beau and Finn, in the photos, and their pleasure in being part of your School Community is quite noticeable.
The visit to your School was a highlight for me personally, and the VBSA is greatly appreciative of the installation of the tables into the School, and the manner in which your students have been introduced to an appreciation of our great Sports.
All the Students comported themselves extremely well, and are a credit to your fine establishment.
See images from the day HERE
With gratitude
Paul Cosgriff, VBSA President 
By: Alec Spyrou  Thu 20th Oct 2022 - 3:38PM

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