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Representing & Developing Billiards & Snooker as a sport in Victoria
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2023 World Open Women's Snooker (WWS)
Starts: Oct 07, 2023

2023 Bob Hawke AC Australian Open Snooker
Starts: Oct 12, 2023

2023 Victorian 150 Up Billiards Championship
Starts: Oct 21, 2023

Pot Black Snooker Championship
Starts: Nov 10, 2023

2024 Victorian Junior Championships Under 12/16/18
Starts: Nov 25, 2023


2023 Victorian State Snooker Championship

2023 Victorian State Snooker Championship

Congratulations James Mifsud

He has won his 4th Victorian State Championship in a row to become only the second person to do it

he has now got 6 in total he had to overcome his champion Brother Steve to achaive it, it was a great match again

he came from behind 2-3 down as he had done in his previous two matches against Sumit Kapoor  2-1 down

to win when he needed 2 snookers with only one red left then again against Steve Hanna in the semi who is the inform player this season 

he was 2-3 down he went on to show that he will never give up, he has without a doubt  become a legend of our sport.

The final was a great potting match with Steve making the top break of the tournament

with a 100 clearance to go 3-2 up then James came back with a 85 clearance in the next frame to level the scores 

The last frame was very close with James making a 41 to take the match  

We are very lucky to be able to watch such high class snooker over the years from James and his Brother Steve and I am sure there will be more to come.     


By: George Hoy  Sun 18th Jun 2023 - 10:44AM

Ruby Roberts Victorian Women’s Billiards C/ship

The Victorian women gave a heartwarmiing response to the call to enter this tournament and competition was that much improved because of it. Nine talented players with another unfortunately forced to exclude herself due to illness, came together at the Cheltenham Billiards and Snooker Club, now the home of women's competition in Victoria, for what proved to be an enjoyable as well as competitive day. All four tables at the club were at competion standard and thanks must go to Jon Loughron for the care and attention he gave both to the tables and the running of the day, this also included lunch for all the contestants and the referees. Julie Watson proved unstoppable in retaining her title but the form of Shelly Ames, appropriately mentioned by Julie in her victory speech, is something to watch for in future tournaments. Mention must also be made of Mia Newman who at 14 is showing some real promise and certainly deserved her place in the semi finals. Referees in attendance were Jon Moss, John van Zanden, Balraj Dhaliwal and Paul Cosgriff who took charge of the final. This was timed at 75 minutes with a score to Julie of 211 to Shelly's 105.

By: George Hoy  Wed 7th Jun 2023 - 11:52AM

AGM August 2023. Date TBC

To all members

On the back of Paul’s recent announcement, the VBSA wishes to advise our membership that at the 2023 AGM we will be seeking nominations for the following positions which will be coming vacant;

  •          President
  •          Vice President
  •          Secretary

It is imperative that these positions are filled as they will all be vacant as from the AGM and the VBSA cannot continue to function without people in these roles. Anyone wishing to nominate for these positions is invited to contact us with any questions you might have.

Please note that should only one person nominate for a position, they will be elected unopposed. Should multiple people nominate then subject to S54 of the VBSA Rules, each candidate will be given an opportunity to make a short speech in support of their nomination before a secret ballot is conducted.

We wish to take this opportunity to thank our office bearers and all our Board Members for their tireless work and dedication to our sport and look forward to welcoming some new faces to lead the VBSA forward into 2024 and beyond.

By: George Hoy  Tue 30th May 2023 - 4:16PM

Season 1 of 2023 Pennant Finals

A Premier Snooker (APS)  Premiers – Brunswick; Runners Up Yarra 147

B Premier Snooker (BPS)  Premiers - Cheltenham; Runners Up - Yarra Ranges

C Premier Snooker (CPS)  Premiers - Camberwell Heat; Runners Up - Mulgrave Strikers

B State Snooker (BVS1) Premiers - Dandenong RSL; Runners Up - Hampton Ballbreakers

C State Snooker North (CVS1N)  Premiers -The Hamptons; Runners Up - Yarraville Cue Controllers

C State Snooker South (CVS1S)  Premiers - Mulgrave Tigers; Runners Up - Burwood RSL


A State Billiards (AVB)  Premiers – Kooyong; Runners Up - Yarraville

B State Billiards (BVB)  Premiers - Kooyong; Runners Up – RACV


By: Mark Dunn  Thu 25th May 2023 - 5:32PM

Victorian Womens Snooker Championship 2023


The Victorian Women’s state titles were held last weekend at the North Brighton Club with a small but quality field. Julie Watson proved to be the standout player in retaining the title she first won last year. New Victorian Joey Tohme pushed her all the way and will no doubt prove to be an asset to the state in all forms of table sports. Shelly Ames and Kathy Howden made the event very competitive and thanks must also go to John van Zanden as the main referee and the very competent grand final official.


By: George Hoy  Thu 25th May 2023 - 2:09PM

Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive during my years as VBSA President.

For personal reasons, I am advising the VBSA Membership that I will Not be standing for President at this year’s Annual General Meeting.

The VBSA has performed very well as the State Sporting Organisation, and the future provides great opportunities for all VBSA Members.

With gratitude, Paul Cosgriff


By: George Hoy  Thu 18th May 2023 - 3:34PM

2023 Australian National Billiards

Australian National Billiards 2023

Dates 17th June to 20th June

Closing date 10th June

Venue the Yarraville Snooker Club


Prize money $4,000


Winner         $ 2,000

Runner/up   $ 1,000

Semi            $    500


Top break    $   200


To enter go to the VBSA shop

See entry list here

Round Robin & Knock Out Draws attached below


TD Paul Cosgriff 

Mobile 0412 791 541



By: George Hoy  Tue 21st Mar 2023 - 3:28PM

Lance Pannell Snooker Championship 2023

Lance Pannell Snooker Classic 2023

Congratulations to the winner Cale Barrett

Cale Barrett over Steve Hanna 4-3 after being 3-1 down great effort I think both players are the ones to watch in the future

Cale beat Rob Hall 3-0 in his Semi

Steve beat Dhvaj Haria 3-2 in his Semi

He also beat last 2 yrs winner Sourav Kathari in the qtr final 3-2

Top break went to Peter Gilchrist 104

The tournament was a great success, I would like to thank all the players who entered.

Thanks to our overseas players who come from Uk, India, Singapore we really appreciate you coming down to play in our tournaments.   

Special thanks to Larry Eforgan and his team of referees without them the tournament would not be a success.


Tournament Director

George Hoy

0403 047 840

By: George Hoy  Tue 21st Mar 2023 - 2:29PM

Pacific International Billiards 2023

Pacific International Billiards 2023 


Congratulations to Peter Gilchrist winning the Pacific International Billiards.


In one of the best billiards games ever seen between Peter Gilchrist v Dhruv Sitwala at the Yarraville Club, Dhruv only needed 60 to win the title but Peter won with his last vist to the table with a break of 221 the scores had changed in the last 500 points at least on 10 occasions with Dhruv always looking the winner but the world champion left his best to last with the top break of the match.

Peter had also made the top break for the tournament of 500.

It was great to see the best players in the world come down to play in our Pacific International Billiards Tournament we look forward to catching up with them all again next year,

We would like to thank Larry Eforgan and all the referees for their hard work during the tournament.    



By: George Hoy  Tue 21st Mar 2023 - 1:59PM

Message from the President

The VBSA Board and Members are very much saddened that Alec Spyrou has had to resign from the position of VBSA Secretary.

Alec has been a tireless worker for both the Board and Members, and his indefatigable energy, and considerable innovative ideas, are sorely missed.

All VBSA Members owe Alec a considerable vote of thanks, and all of us wish Alec every possible success with all of his endeavours, without holding a VBSA Board position.

Congratulations on all your achievements within our Sports, Alec. Very sincere gratitude from all VBSA Members, and all Board Members.

By: Mark Dunn  Thu 9th Mar 2023 - 7:41PM

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