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Starts: Jul 07, 2024

S1/24 Monday Pennant Snooker Singles Finals
Starts: Jul 08, 2024

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National Women's Billiards Championship
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National Women's Snooker Championship
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2024 Victorian Women's Snooker Championship
Tournament Director’s Report:
2024 Victorian Women's Snooker Championship breaks all records!
Even with 2 withdrawals due to illness the event staged at the North Brighton Club contained the largest field of competitors in this event ever with many coming from different areas of inner and outer Melbourne and different cue sports including many from the 8 ball tables.
The first round matches were best of 3 matches in a round robin format across 4 groups. All matches were played in great spirit and it was not unusual to see players help out their less experienced competitors in the match with advice regarding the rules etc. 
The top 2 winners the each group progressed to the quarter finals. These were:
  • Group 1 - Julie Watson & Karen Winter (Helena Williams equipped herself very well considering her lack of tournament play and is a star for the future).
  • Group 2 - Kathy Howden & Braedy Rickard (another player with natural talent to keep an eye out for). 
  • Group 3 - Helen Cook & Michelle Hansen 
  • Group 4 - Joey Tohme & Suzanne Allan
As we entered the knockout stages things got even more competitive and the pressure produced higher standards of play.
  • Quater final 1 - Julie Watson v Suzzane Allan (the potting machine as I like to call her) went to the wire with Julie needing to call on all her experience to win 3-2
  • Quater final 2 - Kathy Howden v Michelle Hansen was a very hard fought match with every point earned. Kathy overcame Michelle (who kindly mentioned in defeat how she had such a great time) 3-0
  • Quater final 3 - Helen Cook v Braedy Rickard. Helen Cook who did magnificently to finish top in her group fell to Bready losing 3-1
  • Quater final 4 - Joey Tohme v Karen Winter. Joey is one of those players who gives 101% on every shot and her dedication showed in a strong 3-0 over Karen.
The semi-finals started late in the evening and players were being helped with the increasing adrenaline of finals to produce great standards of play. The chocolates and resulting sugar rush may have helped, thanks for suggesting a lolly run Kathy ?.
The make up was a good representation of the mix of players. Two experienced players (Julie Watson and Kathy Howden) and two less experienced players (Braedy Rickard and Joey Tohme)
  • Semi final 1 - Julie Watson v Braedy Rickard. This was a hard fought semi which saw both players swap attack after attack and tactical play with Julie coming out ahead 3-1. Braedy was very happy with her performance and commented that "she could get used to this"
  • Semi final 2 - Kathy Howden v Joey Tohme. Kathy's experience came to the fore in her match against Joey who as usual fought for every shot but this time Kathy prevailed 3-1.
The Grand Final started very late and the concentration and battle was remarkable considering the hours played to this point.
  • Grand Final - Julie Watson v Kathy Howden. Two famous players doing battle once again. It was a very tight affair with many games being decided on the last few balls on the table. Kathy's determination won out this time with a good 3-1 over Julie but the margins were very fine.
The overwhelming sense of friendship and sportsmanship made for a special and incredibly enjoyable day. We are so proud to be able to host events that depict the best aspects of our sport and brings enjoyment and competition to a growing number of people. The future looks bright and we hope to exceed the entry numbers again next year.
We thank all competitors for supporting this sport and for those who were willing to try another cue sport. We look forward to seeing you all next year.
Please mention this experience to your friends and invite them along to any of our Women's Billiards and Junior and Women's snooker workshops which are free for all players to help grow their skills and the sport.
Thanks to all officials (Larry and Sam) who did an amazing job and helped players navigate their way around this wonderful sport.
Special thanks to Sue Turpie who stepped into refereeing. What a great job she did!
Thanks to Sam for taking wonderful photos. Thanks to the North Brighton Club for providing its wonderful facilities. 
TD: Alec Spyrou
Photos: Sam Malcolm
By: Alec Spyrou  Tue 21st May 2024 - 9:30AM

The 2024 George Ganim Billiards Series 2
Tournament Director’s Report:
The 2024 George Ganim Billiards Series 2 was an unqualified success.
After 2 withdrawals were notified on Friday, we were able to have Tony Radas and Chris Coyne come into the field, and hence, still proceed with 4 Groups of 5 for the Round-Robin stage. Thank you to Tony and Chris.
The quick-fire 40 minute matches, throughout the day, created a number of extremely close finishes, with which everybody dealt admirably.
  • Chris Coyne started in brilliant fashion, and highlighted his last match, in Group B, with the day’s highest break of 44. Chris Coyne (B), Steven Murphy (D) and Henry Chetcuti (A) all qualified for the Knockout Stage with 4-0 records from the RR Groups.
  • Paul Bray (C) qualified 1st with a 3-1 record, fractionally ahead of David Chigwidden (C), also 3-1. Julie Watson (D) qualified 2nd, after having been Runner-Up in the Victorian Women’s Snooker late the previous evening.
  • Mark Heiberg (A) qualified 2nd, and Shane Logan (B) “squeaked through” in 2nd by narrowly defeating Jim Ryan (B) in the last RR match.
Each of the 40 minute Quarter-Finals provided outstanding performances by the lower-ranked competitors! Julie Watson upset the No. 1 Seed. Shane Logan ousted the No. 2 Seed, and David Chigwidden continued his good form to eliminate the No. 3 Seed!
Paul Bray, as the No. 4 Seed, was able to stave off a spirited performance by Mark Heiberg to progress to the Semi-Final.
After losing the first 2 RR matches, Shane Logan now struck a rich vein of form and was too strong for David Chigwidden. After being the lowest-ranked player coming in, this was a significant progression by Shane.
The other Semi-Final produced an amazing finish! Julie Watson had played very well to create a significant lead. With only minutes remaining Julie left Paul Bray the Red on the side cushion just out of baulk and her ball almost on the baulk-cushion.
Paul produced a “perfectly-weighted” cannon, to leave Julie’s ball over the baulk pocket for an in-off. The resulting 20 break took Paul into the lead by 8!
Julie showed great poise in making 7 points, and jawed an in-off into the middle pocket which would have given her the lead with only scant seconds remaining! Paul potted Julie’s ball into that middle pocket and the timer sounded almost immediately thereafter!! Both players deserved sincere congratulations.
So, for the Final, Shane Logan was once again the “underdog”, but showed very good skill, and great courage, in making a number of difficult shots to set up a lead. Once again, Paul Bray fought strenuously, to close to within 3 points, before Shane steadied with great calm under pressure!
The Final was a display of great character by both participants. The entire Tournament was played in terrific spirit by all, and Billiards is doing extremely well in Victoria.
Thank you to all the players, and all the workers, who contributed so much to a very successful 1-day Tournament. Thanks especially to Don Richter, David Pitt, Larry Eforgan and Anuj Rathee.
The VBSA Board is to be congratulated for having supported such a Tournament for our “not as highly ranked” players, who all acquitted themselves extremely well.
TD: Paul Cosgriff
Photos: Sam Malcolm
By: Alec Spyrou  Tue 21st May 2024 - 9:24AM

Turbocharging Coaching in Australia

Fantastic result having 18 dedicated people pass through the WPBSA accredited Level 1 coaching program.


Early days but the ABSC with the help of the VBSA and other state bodies Australia is on the right track to keep building its coaching foundations in partnership with the WPBSA. Please read the full details here
By: Alec Spyrou  Mon 13th May 2024 - 9:45AM

Lance Pannell Snooker Championship 2024
Please congratulate the 2024 Lance Pannell Champion Steve Mifsud. Steve beat his great friend Johl Younger 4-2 in a high standard hard fought final
Final live stream Steve Mifsud v Johl Younger
We are testing a second stream which you can watch on the VBSA Youtube channel here
Live streams of the semi finals 
Chi Kin Yeung -  Johl Younger Steve Mifsud wins 3 - 0
Vinnie Calabrese - Steve Mifsud Johl Yopunger wins 3 - 2 in a dramatioc final frame on the black ball  
All results will be posted here 
The prestigious Lance Pannell Snooker Championship for 2024 (National Rankin 
Knock out stages 9th and 10th June at Yarraville Club 175D Stephen St Yarraville 3013
ABSC dress code will apply from the knockout stages    Sun 9th + Mon 10th June. 
Prize money:
Winner: $3,200
Runner Up: $1,600
Semi finalists: $800
Quarter finalists: $400
See Confirmed Entries here ( please make sure you are in the entries list, allow a couple of days for processing of entries)
Entries close 2nd June or when event is full
TD: George Hoy 
0403 047 840
Good luck to all entrants.
By: Alec Spyrou  Fri 26th Apr 2024 - 9:53AM

2024 Victorian Billiards - Steve Mifsud wins no.12
A magnificent competition with many hard fought battles culminating in another impressive performance from Steve Mifsud to win his 12th Victorian Billiards Championship by defeating Simon Scerri 1365 to 636 in the four hour final at the Yarraville Club in Melbourne. 
Full results can be found here.
Thanks to everyone involved and special mention to the Victorian Director of Referees, Larry Eforgan, and his team, including Neville Ingels who refereed the full 4hrs of the final.
Thanks and gratitude also to Don Richter for organising this wonderful event and Paul Cosgriff for his dedication and wonderful management of the event as Tournament Director.
Steve and Simon are pictured receiving their trophies from Victorian Billiards & Snooker Association Vice-president Tammy Lindrum. The Tournament Directors trophy went to Dinesh Bajaj for his excellent performance throughout the competition.
We apologise for the technical difficulties in Yarraville getting the streaming working. Yarraville worked very hard to get this running and almost all of the 2nd session is available online at this link
This was one of the highest entered Victorian Billiards titles in several years and the Victorian Billiards & Snooker Association would like to thank all supporters of our wonderful sport.
We look forward to the continued growth of Billiards as we move into more Billiards events including:
  • The National Billiards
  • The George Ganim Billiards (a new Billiards event for 2024)
  • The Pacific International Billiards. 
By: Alec Spyrou  Tue 23rd Apr 2024 - 8:35PM

Help raise funds for the VBSA
We need your support to grow our sport! Grab your $2 tickets today and go into the draw to win one of 52 amazing prizes worth over $300,000. Full prize list here
Buy your tickets now here 
The VBSA is proud to announce it has been accepted to take part in the 2024 People First Community Lottery to help raise much needed funds to grow our Sport.
What’s the Community Lottery?
The People First Community Lottery gives not-for-profit groups like local sporting clubs, schools, charities around Australia the opportunity to raise funds and achieve fundraising goals. The Community Lottery has helped to raise more than $22 million for community groups since its inception in 1984. 
Early bird close: Thursday 16 May, 11:59pm (ACST)
Early bird draw: Thursday 23 May, 11am (ACST)
Ticket sales close: Thursday 25 July, 11:59pm (ACST)
Final draw: Thursday 1 August, 11am (ACST)
By: Alec Spyrou  Fri 19th Apr 2024 - 6:54PM

2023 Pot Black Champion

Steve Mifsud is the 2023 Pot Black champion. Steve defeated Johl Younger 4-2 in a riveting final. Johl played masterful snooker putting together multiple big breaks in the final resulting in a very high quality match. Well done to all players in this tournament and the officials and volunteers who staged the event. Full results here All the streams here

By: Alec Spyrou  Mon 13th Nov 2023 - 7:37AM

VBSA Dress Code/Regulations

The VBSA has prepared the attached graphic to clarify the Dress Regulations, as set out in ByLaw 2.  

ALL players are expected to conform to the Dress Regulations.  Captains are expected to report any breaches to the Scores Registrar. 

A reminder that matches can and have been forfeited for non-observance of the Regulations.

By: Don Richter  Fri 6th Oct 2023 - 3:21PM

Meet the VBSA team
The board was elected at the AGM on September 7th 2023 and the assistants were subsequently appointed.
This is a dedicated, passionate, and talented team who are all motivated to work hard to grow Snooker and Billiards in Victoria and beyond.
By: Alec Spyrou  Sun 24th Sep 2023 - 9:15PM

2024 National Billiards

Ladies and Gentlemen please join us in congratulating the 2024 semi-finalists

Frank Humphreys (Referee Ian Rayson) Michael Pearson 

Steve Mifsud (Referee Bohan Lin) Rodney Nelson
By: Alec Spyrou  Mon 17th Jun 2024 - 2:08PM

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