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S1/24 Wednesday Pennant Snooker Singles Finals
Starts: Jul 28, 2024

S1/24 Monday Pennant Snooker Singles Finals
Starts: Jul 28, 2024

Fred Osbourne Snooker
Starts: Aug 02, 2024

August One-Day Billiards Ranking Event
Starts: Aug 11, 2024

Alcocks Masters
Starts: Aug 16, 2024

Australian National Snooker
Starts: Aug 24, 2024

Neil Robertson Junior Snooker Championship 2
Starts: Sep 07, 2024

APSBF 6 Reds
Starts: Sep 12, 2024


2024 National Women's Billiards and Snooker
Please join us all in congratulating your 2024 Women's National Winners
The 2024 Women's National Billiards Champion Lilly Meldrum in nailbiting win over our very own Julie Watson 236 - 227
The 2024 Women's National Snooker Champion Jessica Woods who won against the very talented and wonderful opponent Lilly Meldrum 4-1 in a gripping final. Live stream here
The standard of play in the throughout the Billiards and Snooker Championship was of the highest order. 
Our deepest gratitude to all our sponsors, supporters, officials, players and the community for helping make this such a successful championship. A truly wonderful event with record entries!!!
Something we can all hold our heads up high for being part of.
By: Alec Spyrou  Sun 21st Jul 2024 - 6:55PM

One Day Billiards Tournament


Join us for an exciting day of billiards at the One Day Billiards Tournament on Sunday, August 11th, at the Yarraville Club BSC. This Victorian Ranking event will feature a knockout competition, with players vying for valuable ranking points.

Tournament Details:

Date: Sunday, 11th August, 2024

Location: Yarraville Club BSC at 175D Stephen Street


Format: Knockout

Points System:

100 points for entering the tournament

100 points for each match won in the main event

50 points for each match won in the plate event

40 points for a break over 40


Register now for this prestigious event. Don’t miss out on the chance to compete with the best and climb the Victorian Rankings ladder.

VBSA Shopping cart

By: Adam Beitner  Fri 21st Jun 2024 - 9:35AM

2024 Australian Snooker Championship
Get ready to break out your cues and chalk up, because the Australian Snooker Championship is back!
This August, the best cueists in the country will battle it out for the title of Australian Snooker Champion and a chance to claim their share of the impressive $20,000 plus prize pool!
Who will pot their way to victory and secure their spot in Australian Snooker history?
We are proud to also announce that our Patron, Her Excellency Professor the Honourable Margaret Gardner AC, Governor of Victoria, will attend the presentation ceremony to present the winner’s trophy.
Stay tuned for all the action!
Enter here: VBSA Shopping cart
Accepted entries are listed here (please allow a couple of days for your entry to be processed)
It's important that all competitors and spectators read, understand and accept the attached short RACV Club guide video below and the terms and conditions of the event (e.g., format & dress code).
These requirements are expected of all competitors & spectators.
Good luck and high scoring.
Tournament Director: Paul Cosgriff
Assistant Tournament Director: Amol Abdagiri
By: Adam Beitner  Tue 9th Jul 2024 - 7:32PM

Singles Pennant Finals

Ladies and Gentlemen please congratulate your winners Pennant Singles Winners for Season 1 2024.



Simon Scerri d John Walmsley

Mike Wollin d Eamonn Corbett

Jason Crocker d Shane Logan

Peter Russo d Jonathon Power


Snooker to be played on 28th July

By: Alec Spyrou  Mon 3rd Jun 2024 - 9:41AM

National Women's Billiards Championship
The draw is now out (see attached)
The VBSA is proud to announce the opening of the prestigious National Women's Billiards Championship 2024.
To purchase go to the VBSA Shop
Ensure you see attached for all terms and conditions. 
Accepted entries here (please allow a couple of days for your entry to be processed) 
Good luck to all entrants
TD: Paul Cosgriff
By: Alec Spyrou  Sat 4th May 2024 - 11:24PM

National Women's Snooker Championship
The draw is now out (see attached)
The VBSA is proud to announce the opening of the prestigious National Women's Snooker Championship 2024.
To purchase go to the VBSA Shop
Ensure you see attached for all terms and conditions. 
Accepted entries here (please allow a couple of days for your entry to be processed) 

Good luck to all entrants


TD: Paul Cosgriff

By: Alec Spyrou  Sat 4th May 2024 - 11:18PM

Happy Birthday

The VBSA Board and Members send their best wishes to Ron Stecum on attaining the remarkable age of 98 on Friday 12th July.  Just one simple cannon away from another century break, which he has made in both snooker and billiards (how many can say that?)

VBSA President from 1978 to 1982 and again from 1986 to 1988, Ron was also a delegate to the ABSC for many years as well as being President of the Australian Billiards and Snooker Referees.  He travelled overseas on many occasions to Referee at world championships.  He was also awarded a special Emeritus certificate in 2009 for services to the Referee community and Billiards& Snooker in general.

Ron would be one of the few people still around who could say they played against Walter Lindrum.  It didn’t go well, as you can imagine, but they were at the exhibition match to see Walter, not Ron.  Try telling Ron that though.

Ron now lives in a nursing home in Cranbourne, only a few kilometres from his devoted wife, Val, and loves nothing more than reminiscing about the good old days and his exploits in them.  He was very chuffed recently to have George Taylor and Don Richter come to visit.

Happy Birthday, Ron.  We’ll do this again in 2 years’ time, and this time we’ll expect some cake!!

By: Mark Dunn  Fri 12th Jul 2024 - 3:51PM

Junior development news
VBSA would like to acknowledge the generous donation provided by the Jellis Craig Foundation which will go towards the funding of Junior development for Children that want to pursue a cue sporting alternative to field or athletic sports.
This donation will be used to fund Club Builder (an expert organisation in this area) to help develop a pilot Schools/Junior program which will be used to secure further Government sporting grants.
The VBSA takes Junior development very seriously and is committed to seeing this funding result in increased participation in cue sports.
Jellis Craig is a tremendous sponsor of junior sporting development and we want to acknowledge their contribution to the growth of Cue sports in Victoria.
VBSA Board
By: Alec Spyrou  Mon 8th Jul 2024 - 3:38PM

Ruby Roberts Vic Women's Billiards Championship
The results are now attached.
Congratulations to all who took part. Please join us in congratulating our 3 times in a row champion Julie Watson.
Thanks to all including our sponsors, supporters, competitors, officials and the Chetenham club for making this such an enjoyable event.
Please see terms and conditions and the draw attached. We wish all competitors an enjoyable event.
It’s time to get your entries in for the Ruby Roberts Victorian Women's Billiards Championship! Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game, this is your moment to put all the skills you've learned at our "Billiards for Women" workshops into action.
Don’t worry if you're not completely clear on all the rules just yet—there will be plenty of time on the table on the day of the tournament for you to learn. Plus, we'll have plenty of seasoned players and accredited Referees on hand to guide you through the games.
Join us for a day of friendly competition, learning, and fun. Whether you're aiming for the trophy or just looking to enjoy the game, this tournament is for you. Let’s show them that we are here and help make the future of women's cuesports a reality together!
When: Saturday 22nd June
Where: Cheltenham Billiards and Snooker Club, Cheltenham Recreation Reserve
Time: 10am
By: Mark Dunn  Wed 29th May 2024 - 7:37PM

The Walter Lindrum Nursery Cannon Challenge
We're thrilled to announce the first-ever Walter Lindrum Nursery Cannon Competition, named after the legendary billiards and greatest of all time! This event is proudly supported by Lindrum Legends and aims to raise awareness, support, and promote the beautiful game of billiards across Australia.
Whether you're a seasoned player or a curious spectator, this is a perfect opportunity to celebrate the rich heritage of billiards and witness some thrilling sportsmanship. Don't miss out on this unique event!


By: Adam Beitner  Wed 5th Jun 2024 - 12:51PM

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