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Coming events
S1/24 Wednesday Pennant Snooker Singles Finals
Starts: Jul 28, 2024

S1/24 Monday Pennant Snooker Singles Finals
Starts: Jul 28, 2024

Fred Osbourne Snooker
Starts: Aug 02, 2024

August One-Day Billiards Ranking Event
Starts: Aug 11, 2024

Alcocks Masters
Starts: Aug 16, 2024

Australian National Snooker
Starts: Aug 24, 2024

Neil Robertson Junior Snooker Championship 2
Starts: Sep 07, 2024

APSBF 6 Reds
Starts: Sep 12, 2024

VBSA Scores

VBSA Pennant Billiards

A Tiered Pennant system commenced in Season 2 of 2023.  The background and details of how the system will operate are detailed in the attached Background document.

The player Tiers, current as at 15th July 2024 and incorporating the "new" 12 tier system, are attached below.  These will be reviewed regularly.

Click this LINK to be taken to the Online Scoring login page.

Good Billiards.

By: Mark Dunn  Fri 7th Jul 2023 - 11:34AM

Scores Entry Webpage System (SEWS)

The following resources are provided to assist Captains to use the new Scores Entry Webpage System (SEWS) developed to replace hardcopy scoresheets.  

The SEWS is being trialled in Season 2 of 2023 and has transitioned to the Live environment from 28th August 2023.

Click this LINK to be taken to the SEW login.

Please direct any queries to Scores Registrar at or 0422 304 052

By: Mark Dunn  Thu 6th Jul 2023 - 11:56AM

Pennant Scoresheet

The Pennant Scoresheet has been updated.  A copy can be downloaded in PDF format below.  An instruction sheet on how to properly complete the sheet is also attached.  Your attention is requested when completing the scoresheets as errors may cause delays in finalising ladders.

If anyone would like an editable version (MS Word) of the scoresheet to pre-prepare season sheets, please contact the Score Registrar at

By: Mark Dunn  Tue 16th Nov 2021 - 2:50PM

Pennant Forfeits

The attached Guide has been prepared to provide greater clarity of what to do if & when a player or team forfeits a Pennnat match.  

The Guide is to be read in conjuction with VBSA ByLaw 11.

Please direct any queries to the VBSA Scores Registrar at

By: Mark Dunn  Thu 28th Mar 2024 - 10:11AM

VBSA Rules (Constitution) & ByLaws

Rules last updated at 15 August 2019 AGM

ByLaws last updated May 2024.

The VBSA has prepared the attached graphic to clarify the Dress Regulations, as set out in ByLaw 2.  ALL players are expected to conform to the Dress Regulations.  Captains are expected to report any breaches to the Scores Registrar.  A reminder that matches can and have been forfeited for non observance of the Regulations.

By: Alan Croft  Sat 12th Nov 2016 - 11:36AM

Just been elected team captain?

For all you new captains (and the old ones that have forgotten what is required of a captain) We now have a set of instructions that will assist you in making your teams night a success.

By: Alan Croft  Sat 12th Nov 2016 - 11:29AM