Victorian Referees - Contact & Qualified Referees

To Contact the Victorian Head of Referees: Larry Eforgan,

or, if you wish to undergo a training course for accreditation and recognition, please fill in the form.

Qualified and accredited referees working with the VBSA are certified by the Australian Billiards and Snooker Council.
If you are qualified and wish to be considered for inclusion on this list please fill in the form and submit to the Director of Referees.
Certificates can only be issued by the Australian Billiards and Snooker Referees' Committee (ABSR) on behalf of the Australian Billiards and Snooker Council (ABSC). There is an annual fee to be paid for registration and accreditation.
Name Class
Samuel Bashfield Class 3 Billiards
Adam Beitner Class 3 Snooker
John Bennett Class 3 Billiards
Paul Bray Class 3
Neil Brown Class 2 Billiards Class 3 Snooker
Praveen Chandra Class 2
Maurice Chilton Class 3 Snooker
David Cosgriff Class 2 Billiards
Paul Cosgriff Class 1, Examiner
Christopher Coyne Class 3 Billiards
Balraj Dhaliwal Class 3
Michael Dove Class 3 Snooker
Larry Eforgan Class 1, Examiner
Eddy Etyngold Class 3 Snooker
Tim Forte Class 3 Snooker
Tony Fridman Class 3 Snooker
Marc Fridman Class 3 Snooker
Mark Heiberg Class 3 Billiards
George Hoy Class 3
David Hutchinson Class 3 Snooker
Neville Ingels Class 3
Brendon Lang Class 3
Michael Lang Class 3 Snooker
Jim Lewis Class 2
Bohan Lin Class 3
Jon Loughron Class 3 Snooker
Sam Malcolm Class 3
Graham Maloney Class 3
Steve Mifsud Class 3 Billiards
Jon Moss Class 1 Examiner
Abraham Newman Class 2 Snooker
Blaise Northey Class 3 Billiards
Rob Northover
Ranjit Pisal Class 3 Snooker
Anuj Rathee Class 2
John van Zanden Class 3
Damian Willcox Class 2 Billiards Class 3 Snooker