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2024 bayside billiards
Hi all. Provisional fixture and starting handicaps of returning players have been posted. Season will start on July 11. Please note that billiards matches are now 75 minutes.
2024 Billiards Season - Registration
The registration form for the 2024 BILLIARDS season is now available on this webpage. Club delegates are advised to take relevant action as soon as possible. [Authorised: John van Zanden, 17-06-2024]
REMINDER : each player MUST be a financial member of any Victorian RSL Club when competing in our competition unless that player solely represents a duly approved non-RSL Club participating in our competition, in which case that player MUST be a financial member of that non-RSL Club. Snap checks will be conducted by the Executive, who shall determine and apply penalties to players not satisfying this requirement.
Association Rules
All members should ensure that they understand and abide by our Rules. Club delegates are required to ensure that a copy of the Association's Rules is exhibited in their local billiards room. [Authorised: John van Zanden, Honorary Vice President, 1June2022]
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2024 BILLIARDS Registration - Action
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