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2024 season commences April 30th
The 33rd year of the VBSA City Clubs Circuit commences on Tuesday April 30th. The 2024 fixture is available under the Information section.
Etiquette Guidelines
The Captains have approved updated Etiquette Guidelines. The guidelines are available under the Information section.
Australian Club Premiers
Congratulations to The Australian Cluib, VBSA City Clubs Circuit Premiers for 2023. Their team of Jamie Gray (captain), Heath Fitzgerald, Paul Sumner, and Brett Lazarides scored a comprehensive 6-1 victory over Kooyong LTC in the Grand Final at The Australian Club.

2023 Season Summary:
Premiers: The Australian Club
Runners-up: Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club
Highest Break Billiards: Glynn McConnell RACV 89
Highest Break Snooker: Chris Borrell Athenaeum 43
Max Earle Trophy: Shane Burke RSYLTC
Experimental Billiards Rule
If the non-striker's ball has been pocketed by the striker, the striker must leave at least one ball out of baulk at the end of their turn. A double baulk in that situation is a foul.

The CCC adopted this experimental rule for the 2023 season. The rule has been confirmed for the 2024 season.

Online Membership Form
You can now submit your VBSA Membership Form online! Go to VBSA Home page. We recommend you use this method as it's easier (no scanning/photos and emails), faster (you get instant confirmation your form has been received) and reduces errors. If you have any questions about this please email scores@vbsa.org.au.
Max Earle Sportsmanship Award
To honour the late Max Earle, a stalwart of the VBSA City Clubs Circuit since its inception in 1990 for the Naval & Military Club and the RACV Warriors, the team captains have voted to institute a Sportsmanship Award bearing his name. At the conclusion of every match, each captain will nominate on the scoresheet a player from the opposing team who best displays the principles of sportsmanship and fair play. Thanks to Jamie Gray for donating the Max Earle Trophy.
Dress code
Australian Club, Melbourne Club, Savage Club: jacket and tie.
Athenaeum Club: jacket and collar.
Kelvin Club, Kooyong LTC, RACV, Royal South Yarra LTC: smart casual.
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