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2024 Annual General Meeting
The 2024 Annual General Meeting will be held at the Airport on July 11th starting at 7:00 pm
Billiards Season 2024
The 2024 Billiards season will commence Thursday 18th July. The fixture, format and handicaps are available below. There are 7 teams competing. Good luck to all. If there is anyone interested in playing and not already in a team please contact the score register. This includes any possible new members - anyone welcome.
Snooker Grandfinal
Congratulations to the Jets team winning the 2024 Snooker Grand final from the Gold Diggers in another closely fought battle. Lots of nervous shots, missed opportunities, extra safety plus a few excellent shots - just what you would expect in a grandfinal. John Eltringham was once again called on to play a deciding frame and he called on his experience to overcome Joey Tohme. Thanks to all the referees and a great turn up from others to support.
2024 Snooker Singles Championship
Congratulations to Ron Callender winning the championship from Nathan Charles 4 frames to 2. (46-42, 17-54, 14-50, 46-8, 46-43 and 38-37). There were many excellent shots played during the game, but nerves and pressure also resulted in many missed opportunities. Ron won the last frame with a 35 clearance. Thanks to the referees Jason Smiley and Jason Crocker
2024 Snooker Singles H'cap Champ'ship
The 2024 Snooker Singles Handicap Championship has been won by Jason Crocker who had a 2-0 win over Joey Tohme. Congratulations to both players making the final. Thanks to all that entered and to the referees.
Annual Begonia Cup 2024
The annual Begonia Snooker Cup between Ballarat, Bendigo and Geelong was held at the Airport club on March 16th. It was once again a very close contest with the result going down to a black ball game in the last frame. Results: Ballarat 17 frames (Ron Callender, Ben Cahill, Jason Crocker and Nathan Charles), Bendigo 16 frames, Geelong 15 frames. Most frames: Ben Cahill 6 from 8 / Breaks over 40: Nathan Charles 49, 41
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