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Representing & Developing Billiards & Snooker as a sport in Victoria

VBSA Patron: The Honourable Linda Dessau AC, Governor of Victoria.


(Victorian Billiards & Snooker Association Inc.)
VBSA Patron: The Honourable Linda Dessau AC, Governor of Victoria.
Representing & Developing Billiards & Snooker as a sport in Victoria
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Vale Margot Taylor

The Board and all members of the VBSA, along with the broader cuesports community, extend their deepest sympathies to George Taylor on the passing of his beloved wife and partner in business, Margot, on Saturday 21st November.  Our thoughts are with George, Michael, Kate, Alexandra and their extended families.


George & Margot simply WERE Alcocks, a major sponsor and supporter of all things cuesports in Victoria and Australia over many decades.


Margot's funeral is being held on Friday 27th November at 2:00pm at Allison Monkhouse in Brighton.  Due to COVID restrictions, this will be a private funeral.  However, the service is being live streamed and recorded.  You can watch the live stream by clicking this LINK at the time or watch the recorded service at any time afterwards. 


No flowers by request of family.

By: Mark Dunn  Mon 23rd Nov 2020 - 7:50PM

Corona Virus - Return to Play

A clarification has just been received for Sports & Recreation Victoria.  Initially, and pursuant to the latest Restricted Activity Directions, as of 11:59pm on 8 November 2020:

  1. Physical recreation that is indoors and non-contact can resume for all (adults and children).
  2. Community sport that is indoors and non-contact is allowed for those aged 18 years or below (children).
  3. Community sport that is indoors and non-contact is not allowed for those aged 19 and over (adults).

The clarification has determined that casual/social play is now classified as “Recreation” and is therefore allowed under Section 1 above.  “Sport” is defined as an official competition endorsed/run under the auspices of the relevant peak sporting body and is currently not allowed for adults (Section 3 above).  Organised pennant or even club competiions are still not permitted.

There are restrictions applicable to such allowed indoor recreation, and they can be found at:  For your convenience, they are copied below.  Club/venue managers are to pay particular attention to these requirements.

Indoor physical recreation (including classes,gyms and personal training)


  • Strict density quotient of 1 per 8m2.

  • Patron cap of up to 10 per space and 20 per venue with a maximum group size of 10 per session.

  • Patrons continue to wear face masks unless out of breath.

  • Staggered class times and time gap of 15 minutes to avoid congregation and exceeding group limits.

  • Required to have a COVIDSafe Marshal onsite. (Requirement now withdrawn as at 13/11/20)

Children (18 and under):

  • Non-contact activities permitted where a distance of 1.5 metres can be maintained for a maximum of 20 people.

  • Spectators are limited to one parent, guardian or carer only, where child requires supervision.

For club/venue managers, the latest guidelines on reopening can be found at

By: Mark Dunn  Thu 12th Nov 2020 - 7:48PM

Corona Virus - Easing of Restrictions

Indoor Community Sport, including Billiards & Snooker, has been opened for Under 18 year olds from midnight tonight, 8th November, BUT NOT FOR ADULTS and therefore the vast majority of VBSA members are still unable to play our game.  It is expected that it will be opened for all ages from Sunday 22nd November in line with projected "Last Step" further easing.  Contravention of these restrictions can incur a fine of $10,000.

This advice has been provided today by the Victorian Government.  Attached is the latest schedule setting out these restrictions.  Refer to the Indoor Community Sport section; 2nd page, middle column.

Please adhere to the current restrictions.

By: Mark Dunn  Sun 8th Nov 2020 - 7:03PM


" A Tribute to the Anzacs VC - The 2021 Charles Upham International "

The Tribute to NZ Heroes Association has been extremely busy this year organising a snooker event between Australia & New Zealand to honour our great Anzacs who fought courageously for our countries. For our freedom.

The main purpose of this snooker event is to raise awareness of mental health of our Veterans and to bring back the enjoyment of being entertained by cue sports which was a favourite past time of service men and women around the world.  
Each year the tournament will rotate between Australia & New Zealand with mention in later years that England may join this elite event.

Please see the attached flier looking for your support for this very important event.  The Board of the VBSA strongly recommends this event.

By: Mark Dunn  Sat 24th Oct 2020 - 5:41PM

Henry Chetcuti - On The Mend

All VBSA members will be concerned to hear that Henry Chetcuti, an institution in the VBSA for so many years, suffered his second heart attack on Sunday 11th October 2020.  You will be pleased to hear that Henry is recovering well and is very grateful for our Paramedics and, I'm sure, everyones well wishes. 

Speedy recovery, Henry.

By: Mark Dunn  Wed 14th Oct 2020 - 10:20AM

Changes to ABSC Anti-Doping Policy

The ABSC Anti-Doping Policy has been amended and is effective 10 August 2020.

The changes bring our sport in line with the establishment of Sport Integrity Australia (SIA) which has replaced the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) as the National Anti-Doping Organisation (NADO) in Australia from 1 July 2020. 

The changes are:

• Replacing the words Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) with Sport Integrity Australia (SIA);
• Replacing Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) with the National Sports Tribunal (NST) as the first-instance hearing body for all athletes and the  Appeals Division of the NST for appeals for ‘non-international level’ athletes;
• Amending the definition of ‘National Level Athlete’ to introduce the Lower-Level Athlete category to allow greater flexibility in dealing with and sanctioning athletes below International or National level; and
• Removing the Anti-Doping Rule Violation Panel.

For more details on the changes, please see the attached Factsheet

By: Alec Spyrou  Wed 12th Aug 2020 - 12:00PM

Corona Virus - Important Announcement

UPDATE 8/7/2020.  All Indoor Sport banned from midnight 8th July for at least 6 weeks in ALL Melbourne Metropolitan & Mitchell Local Government Areas.  VBSA Board to update as information comes to hand.


Following today's announcement by the Victorian Premier that Stage 3 Restrictions are to be reinstated from midnight on 8th July 2020, the VBSA Board, in conjunction with Sports & Recreation Victoria (SRV) and the Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS), has decided to cancel ALL Pennant competition for the remainder of 2020. Apologies to those teams & players who submitted entries for Season 2; your efforts are appreciated.  Team captains will be contacted directly to advise this decision.

Further, it is very unlikely that ANY form of tournament competition will be possible for the remainder of 2020. 

Pending further advice from SRV & DHHS, it is also likely that local club play, either competition or social, may also be affected.  The VBSA will attempt to keep clubs informed of the extent & impact of restrictions as they are announced but Clubs are urged to make their own enquiries & practise due diligence in this regard.

Whilst this is a regrettable situation, the Board believes the health of our members & our communities is paramount and that we all should play our parts in responding to the challenges ahead.

By: Mark Dunn  Tue 7th Jul 2020 - 4:24PM

North Brighton is upgrading!

Please see attached for news about the North Brighton Club

By: Alec Spyrou  Mon 6th Jul 2020 - 5:57PM

Return to Play - Season 2
To all VBSA members.
Team entries close tomorrow, Sunday 5th July and, to date, numbers have been poor.
Whilst this is not unexpected due to the COVID-19 situation, the VBSA Board is making every effort to retrieve a semblance of a Pennant Season and is therefore encouraging all players & teams to submit their teams NOW in the hope that a mid July start can be achieved. 
If this proves not possible, then alternatives will be considered over the coming weeks.  Alternatives might be, but are not limited to, a shortened season, mini tournaments or total abandonment of the season.
Mark Dunn, Scores Registrar.


By: Mark Dunn  Sat 4th Jul 2020 - 1:30PM

Return to Play - Season 2
The following is subject to change with little notice dependent on the changing situation and the availability of venues.
The VBSA Board has decided, in conjunction with Sports & Recreation Victoria, the ABSC and relevant health authorities, to commence the Season 2 Pennant competition on Monday 20th July, 2020.  Season 1 has been abandoned with no team and individual awards to be made.  Pennant registration fees for the first 3 rounds of Season 1 will not be charged.
Note that all grades have been set at 4-man teams and that the provision of supper, including post match drinks, is banned to avoid compromising social distancing measures.
All members, team organisers & club managers are asked to start organising teams for entry into Season 2.  Team Entry can be made online by clicking on this LINK or click on the blue panel "Membership & Team Registration Forms" on the left of this page
Your attention is drawn to the Mandatory requirement for players, teams and Clubs to adhere to Federal/State Government guidelines, as well as those imposed by the VBSA with guidance by the ABSC.  Details of these are available in below post.  All Team Entries require sign off of your agreement to these requirements.  Player, team and Club expulsion for non-adherence, as well as government fines, will be the responsibility of the Clubs.
Clearly, the major issue will be the availability of venues to conduct competition.  It is hoped that the proposed relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions on 20th July will mean that sufficient venues are available.  Should the COVID-19 restrictions be reinstated resulting in venues not being available and indoor recreation again being banned, then the season start date will need to be postponed with a resulting shortening of the season.  Of course, some venues may not be available till later in the year irrespective of the relaxation of restrictions.  Bottom line is that nothing is “set in stone” but the Board will be making every effort to maximise the opportunity that now presents itself.
Pennant specific queries should be directed to Score Registrar, Mark Dunn
COVID-19 or policy specific queries should be directed to the VBSA Secretary, David Chigwidden
By: Mark Dunn  Tue 23rd Jun 2020 - 7:25PM

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