Victorian Billiards & Snooker Association Inc.

Representing & Developing Billiards & Snooker as a sport in Victoria

VBSA Patron: The Honourable Linda Dessau AC, Governor of Victoria.


(Victorian Billiards & Snooker Association Inc.)
VBSA Patron: The Honourable Linda Dessau AC, Governor of Victoria.
Representing & Developing Billiards & Snooker as a sport in Victoria
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VBSA Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Victorian Billiards & Snooker Association Inc. is to be held on Friday, December 2nd, 2022.

The AGM is to be held in “Bar135” at the Yarraville Club, 135 Stephen Street, Yarraville. Sign-in for VBSA Members is from 7:00pm, and then the Meeting will be underway by 7:30pm

The VBSA Audit for FYE22 is attached and a Treasurer’s Report  will follow shortly to address a number of possible queries.

By: Mark Dunn  Thu 10th Nov 2022 - 7:20PM

VBSA Season 2 Pennant Finals


ALL TEAMS are reminded that Dress Regulations apply for ALL finals.  Refer ByLaw 2; Pennant Finals dress - All Grades


A Premier Billiards 

SF1. Kooyong 8 def Camberwell 0          SF2. Yarraville 3 def Cheltenham 2

Grand Final.  Kooyong 6 def Yarraville 2


B Premier Billiards 

SF1. Brunswick Cannons 8 def RACV 0                 SF2. Yarraville G 2 (909) def Kooyong 2 (851) on points

Grand Final. Brunswick Cannons 6 def Yarraville G 2


A State Snooker 

SF1. Cheltenham Ballbreakers 7 def Brunswick 5 SF2. Yarra 147 7 def North Brighton Mustangs 5

Grand Final. Cheltenham Ballbreakers 4 lost to Yarra 147 7


B State Snooker

SF1. Brunswick 7 def Camberwell Tigers 1            SF2. RACV 4 lost to Yarraville Hawks 7

Grand Final. Brunswick 7 def Yarraville Hawks 5


C State Snooker

SF1. Burwood RSL vs Yarraville Cue Controllers at Burwood RSL.                   SF2. NBC Blaggard Boys vs Mulgrave Posse at NBC. Wednesday 30th November.


B Willis Snooker

SF1. Dandenong RSL 7 def Hampton Ballbreakers 5          SF2. Focus 6 lost to Yarraville Oldies 7

Grand Final. Dandenong RSL 5 lost to Yarraville Oldies 7


C Willis Snooker North

SF1. NBC Legends Vs Burwood RSL at NBC        SF2. Camberwell Cobras Vs Yarra Cue Controllers at Camberwell. Monday 5th December.


C Willis Snooker South

SF1. Mulgrave Warriors 7 def Vs Mulgrave CC 4                  SF2. Frankston RSL 7 def Cheltenham Breakers 3

Grand Final.  Mulgrave Warriors 6 lost to Frankston RSL 7 

By: Mark Dunn  Thu 3rd Nov 2022 - 4:55AM

2022 Victorian 150 Up Billiards Championship

Dates: Sat 19th & Sunday 20th  November.

Venue: Brunswick Club, 203 Sydney Rd., Brunswick

Congratulations to Rod Nelson on taking out the Championship on Sunday 20th November, prevailing over David Cosgriff 3/0
See attachment for the full results.
My very sincere thanks to all the players, and especially those who were forced to self-Referee, today. Thank you to Balraj Dhaliwal and Larry Eforgan for their dedication and performance.
A special “Thank You” to James Mifsud who, at very short notice, replaced ill Referees to Referee a QF and a SF, and prepared the tables beautifully.

Thank you to the Brunswick Club, and their staff, for great assistance over the whole weekend. 
Tournament Director:  Paul Cosgriff


By: George Hoy  Tue 1st Nov 2022 - 11:56AM

2023 Vic Junior Snooker & Billiards Champion

Under 12, Under 16 & Under 18


Dates: 26th - 27th November, 2022

Entries Close: 20th November


Venue: Brunswick Club, 203 Sydney Rd., Brunswick 


To enter go to VBSA shop

See entries HERE

Tournament Director:  Tony Fridman, Mobile 0414 534 575 

By: George Hoy  Tue 18th Oct 2022 - 11:54AM

Victorian Billiards Championship

At the half-way mark of the 2022 Victorian State Billiards final (after a 2-hour session), Steve Mifsud (36 unf) 528 (75, 191, 151) leads David Cosgriff 417 (53, 77, 80).  After David’s 80 break, he led by over 60 but Steve compiled his 151 to regain the lead

The 2nd Session of the Victorian State Billiards had Steve Mifsud showing the benefit of his dedicated practice, by compiling 5 centuries in the 2 hours, and holding the table for the vast majority of the time.  Final score Steve 1494 (75 101 151 148 183 105 118 77 170) defeated David 671 (53 77 80).

Congratulations Steve! 2022 Victorian State Billiards Champion.

David Cosgriff has performed very well all week and made Steve feel pressure in the 1st session. Very well done, David.

Many thanks to Larry Eforgan for all his efforts all week, and all the Referees who contributed last weekend.  We are especially grateful to Anuj Rathee, who Refereed extremely well in the Final (after a heavy workload all week), and came in tonight on very short notice, after Neil Brown became unwell.  We hope that Neil has recovered full health by the weekend.

Paul Cosgriff  (Tournament Director)

See attachments for full report. 

See VBSA Facebook page for images.

See Generic conditions of play & tournament rules

By: Alec Spyrou  Fri 23rd Sep 2022 - 6:03PM

McKinnon Secondary College Development Program
The below message from VBSA President, Paul Cosgriff, to Pitsa Binnion, McKinnon Secondary College Principal, and Lachlan Noble, Deputy Principal. 
Dear Pitsa and Lachlan
Thank you very much for the opportunity to be at your very fine School yesterday. The time spent with your students was extremely rewarding, and a thoroughly enjoyable experience.
Please convey my appreciation to all the staff and students involved, and, especially your Snooker Captains Holly, Ashley and Tom. They are a credit to themselves, and to their School.
The time spent with the younger students was very pleasing since they showed such enthusiasm and well-mannered respect for both the facilities and the adults in the room.
It was terrific to have the time with you all, and I was especially pleased that  VBSA Marketing & Development Oficer, Jemma Wines, was able to be so involved and supportive. I very much enjoyed having Jemma's children, Beau and Finn, in the photos, and their pleasure in being part of your School Community is quite noticeable.
The visit to your School was a highlight for me personally, and the VBSA is greatly appreciative of the installation of the tables into the School, and the manner in which your students have been introduced to an appreciation of our great Sports.
All the Students comported themselves extremely well, and are a credit to your fine establishment.
See images from the day HERE
With gratitude
Paul Cosgriff, VBSA President 
By: Alec Spyrou  Thu 20th Oct 2022 - 3:38PM

2022 Australian Open Champion!!

Steve Mifsud triumphed 6-5 in the Australian Open Final, defeating Roger Farebrother in an exceedingly high-standard contest.

In the 11-frame final, Roger compiled 4 breaks of 45 or more, while Steve provided 5 breaks of 50 or more, showcasing the skill and precision we have missed, at this venue, since 2019!

The enthralling tussle had Steve leading 1-0 despite Roger’s break of 45. Roger then made breaks of 76 & 81 and “stole” the next on the final Black, to lead 3-1.

On resumption, Roger led 4-1, before Steve fought back to 4-3 with breaks of 64 & 65. Responding with courage, Roger’s 54 break brought him to the brink of victory at 5-3.

Then Steve provided a magnificent finish for the spectators, with breaks of 50, 61 & 64 to achieve the Championship Win 6-5!

Steve has now won the Australian Open Championship on 7 occasions, and the far wall of the “Mounties” Billiard Room had a montage of photos,  highlighting (a younger) Steve, and the Final, when he played Dene O’Kane in front of our former Prime Minister, Bob Hawke AC.

Attached image shows Frank Dewens (ABSC President), Steve Fitzpatrick (“Mounties” Vice-President), Steve Mifsud and Roger Farebrother.


By: Mark Dunn  Tue 11th Oct 2022 - 8:43AM

Victorian Billiards Rankings 2022

The updated Victorian Billiards Rankings are now available on our rankings page here

By: Alec Spyrou  Thu 6th Oct 2022 - 12:12AM

New membership packages available at Yarraville

As the new headquarters of the VBSA, it is with great excitement that the Yarraville Reventon snooker Academy is announcing new membership packages to their fantastic facility.

In a move to broaden and rejuvenate the cuesports community, junior and regional membership packages have now been established in order to encourage junior participation and allow members from outside the Melbourne Metro to enjoy the facilities when passing through town.

Juniors 18 years and under will enjoy free membership, while regional members (for those living 150kms or further from the venue) will pay only $40.
Also, for a limited time only, the initial $50 joining fee is being waived for these new memberships.
So there's never been a better time to become a member of one of this country's premier snooker and billiards venues.

Anyone wanting to take advantage of these fantastic new membership offers should email the club on for more information...

By: Sam Malcolm  Sun 2nd Oct 2022 - 10:54PM

Pennant Singles Finals
We are thankful to everyone that completed the recent survey regarding pennant singles finals. The result from over 100 replies was that 90% supported the suggestion. We received some suggestions for improving on the idea and many words of encouragement for offering something different and we have taken these on board.
Accordingly, we will be aiming to run the first Pennant Singles Finals competition at the end of the year. 
Survey feedback
Our recent survey resulted in a lot of feedback. Below is a summary of the most popular questions and our answers. As always if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the people listed on our contact us page or email 
Live Streaming – Many asked for live streaming of this and other events
You may have heard we just set up our own inhouse streaming service & we ran this very successfully on our Facebook page at the National Snooker championships this year. We intend to stream every single competition we can (watch this space) next year and include more platforms such as YouTube.
Why don’t we have a separate and more singles events for most players, rather than just the top tier (during Pennant season or once a month etc) & add some novelty challenges to these events e.g., line up challenge, long blues etc?
This was a popular request, and we will be looking at adding events of this type next year (watch this space).
Why don’t we incentivise players (not just winners e.g., most improved etc.) with different prizes such as coupons, cash etc.? 
This is another popular suggestion and as you may have seen we started last season with Finals Pennant prizes. We plan to extend the variety of prizes and like the idea of added categories of prizes. We will take these on board and will look to implement something next year.
Why don’t we have a Pennant prize pool (either through sponsors or players who agree to adding to a prize pool), an opportunity to win some cash?
We have tried this in the past and it has not been successful. However sometime next year we will revisit this.
We need to encourage younger players
We currently have 2 schools where cue sports are part of their sports program. We are already working on increasing that number (watch this space). 
Players need to play in correct grade
There needs to be some flexibility with changing times. The rules regarding playing within the correct grade are within section 10 of the bylaws.
Please report any instances as soon as they occur. 
Pennant Finals should be longer – best of 5 or 7 
We have had pennant final that went on far too long and therefore we introduced timers.
Can pennant start earlier (7pm) so they finish earlier?
Teams should be encouraged to start as soon as they can (provided 7:30PM is the latest start time).
Changing the official start time for all teams will require a petition by those who support this.
Why don’t we have a presentation night at the end of the year like we used to?
There is a desire to host these again, but it takes a lot of work, and our volunteer resources are stretched. We also need to balance an ever-tightening budget and ensure we maximise any expenditure to help grow our sport. If a working group want to approach the board to do the work, we will certainly consider it.
Why don’t we have 6-man teams anymore?
There are insufficient players, or clubs with sufficient tables. We tried to bring this back a few seasons ago and the players did not support it.
By: Alec Spyrou  Fri 23rd Sep 2022 - 6:38PM

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