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Women's Billiards Workshop
Starts: Mar 09, 2024

Junior Snooker & Billiards Workshop 1
Starts: Mar 10, 2024

2024 Walter Lindrum Open Billiards
Starts: Mar 13, 2024

Harry Andrews Snooker Series 1
Starts: Mar 15, 2024

VIC U21 Snooker Championship
Starts: Mar 16, 2024

Asia Pacific Regional Open Championships
Starts: Mar 16, 2024

VIC U21 Billiards Championship
Starts: Mar 23, 2024

Cheltenham Invitational Women's 147
Starts: Mar 23, 2024


2024 Victorian Seniors Championship

Please welcome your 2024 Victorian Seniors Champion - Paul Thomerson

Paul goes to Mingara Australian Masters. 
Well done Paul and Ali who put up good opposition, Henry Lau for the highest break of 91 and well done to all competitors for another highly enjoyable event.
Semi Finals Results
Henry Lau 2 v Paul Thomerson 3
Philip Vassallo 0 v 3 Ali a Daryab Shafayai
Quarter finals results
Henry Lau 3 - Alex Bruce 1
Ali Daryab Shafayai 3 v Alec Spyrou 1
Paul Thomerson 3 - John Walmsley 1
Philip Vassallo v Kevin Xu (W/O)
Highest Break
Henry Lau - 91
By: Alec Spyrou  Sun 3rd Mar 2024 - 11:08PM

Women's Billiards Workshop

Come along to the popular Womens Billiards Workshop

Start time: 1pm

End time: 4pm

Afternoon Tea included

Venue - Yarraville. Starts - Sat 9th Mar

By: Alec Spyrou  Sun 25th Feb 2024 - 1:32PM

Harry Andrews Snooker Series 1

We are delighted to announce another of our brand new events. Welcome to the first of three 2024 Harry Andrews Series championships.



This competition is only for entrants outside top 32 as per Australian Rankings & players who have never won a State Title.


All matches best of 5 until the final which will be a best of 7

Players may be required to referee some matches

Tournament Director: George Hoy


Enter here

To check the VBSA have received your entry go to the VBSA Tournament Entries page (allow a couple of days for your entry to be processed)

By: Alec Spyrou  Sun 4th Feb 2024 - 7:28PM

2024 Season 1 Pennant

Fixtures have now been finalised. 

Go to to see team entries & fixtures.

Monday pennant starts on 12th February.  Wednesday pennant starts on 21st February.

Also, please find attached a Directions guide to our newest club, Geelong Pool Club, who will be participating in Monday night Billiards & B Grade Snooker.  Welcome GPC.


By: Mark Dunn  Sat 30th Dec 2023 - 9:10AM

Warnings of warnings!

During the recent pennant finals there were quite a few instances of frustration being shown by the players, either in the form of banging or slapping table rails, cues coming iinto contact with the floor with a little more force than is necessary, or by audible swearing.

Many referees both past and present, have for a long time chosen to ignore most of these actions but there were and are some who choose the correct procedure, which is to inform those players that the actions so taken are unacceptable.

All the current referees have now been instructed to enforce the rules as they are written in the WPBSA rule book, which can be found in Section 4 (The Players). Specifically rule 1 of that section which directly targets bad language as well as any other action which may be deemed by the referee to be unsporting conduct and that offficial warnings must be administered.

Consideration must also be taken that with the increase of finals matches for major tounament and some pennant finals, that are live streamed, the watching audience and the chance that children could be among them must be kept in mind.

It is a fact that all referees have come from the ranks of the players and certainly understand frustrations and it is for this reason that the instruction to them is to issue a private unofficial word for a first offence which would not result in forfeiture of a frame, but for any further deviation from the rules an official and audible warning will be given where any further unsporting action will result in lost frames.

It is our fervent hope that such a scenario never eventuates and it is for that reason and to be as fair as possible to all, that this information to the players is being made clear.

By: Larry Eforgan  Sun 2nd Jul 2023 - 2:36PM

2024 Walter Lindrum Open Billiards

Sanctioned National Ranking event

Prize pool $10,500 (subject to 35 entries)

Entry form here

By: Alec Spyrou  Sun 11th Feb 2024 - 1:31AM

Neil Robertson Exhibition photos

We are pleased to announce the professional photographs taken at the Neil Robertson exhibition can now be purchased framed and delivered direct to you via our  store.

If you want larger prints/frames please contact


Credit : expMedia



By: Alec Spyrou  Mon 8th Jan 2024 - 12:28AM

Do you know the rules?

Are you sure?

Do you want to make certain and then be in a position to teach others and to enforce them?

Do you want to have the best position in the house to see and adjudicate when the really big breaks are being made by the best players?

Courses to become Snooker and/or Billiards referees will be held very early in 2024.

If you have an interest why not consider joining one.

If you have thought about it before and changed your mind, would you like to change it back again?

Please contact Larry Eforgan, the Victorian Director of Referees if this is you. or 0432 798 777

By: Mark Dunn  Sat 9th Dec 2023 - 1:30PM

2023 Pot Black Champion

Steve Mifsud is the 2023 Pot Black champion. Steve defeated Johl Younger 4-2 in a riveting final. Johl played masterful snooker putting together multiple big breaks in the final resulting in a very high quality match. Well done to all players in this tournament and the officials and volunteers who staged the event. Full results here All the streams here

By: Alec Spyrou  Mon 13th Nov 2023 - 7:37AM

Women's Billiards workshop
Julie and the team do it again. Another brilliant Women's Billiards workshop The numbers are growing and everyone is enjoying our wonderful sport. Thanks to Steve Mifsud and others supporting the day.


See our video summary of this great event on our VBSA YouTube channel here

Photos of the event can be found here
More to come, watch this space!
By: Alec Spyrou  Wed 8th Nov 2023 - 4:15PM

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