Victorian Billiards & Snooker Association Inc.

Representing & Developing Billiards & Snooker as a sport in Victoria

VBSA Patron: The Honourable Linda Dessau AC, Governor of Victoria.


(Victorian Billiards & Snooker Association Inc.)
VBSA Patron: The Honourable Linda Dessau AC, Governor of Victoria.
Representing & Developing Billiards & Snooker as a sport in Victoria
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National Billiards Championship
Starts: Jun 13, 2020

Pennant S1 - Monday Snooker Semi Finals
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When the VBSA faced difficult times, there were four people who worked assiduously to preserve our VBSA. George Morrow became VBSA President, and Cathy Morrow was the incredibly hard-working VBSA Secretary.

Together with our Life Members George Hoy and Alan Croft, these four managed to achieve the preservation of the Victorian Billiards & Snooker Association - the State Sporting Association for our Sports.

It is with great regret that we advise that Catherine (Cathy) Morrow passed away in Belfast, Northern Ireland, on Boxing Day, after a period of severe health issues. Her funeral is being held in Belfast this Saturday.  Cathy was 67.

The VBSA will always owe an enormous debt to Cathy Morrow, and we express our sincere condolences to George Morrow, and all of Cathy’s family and friends.

Rest in Peace, Cathy.  A Great Friend of the VBSA.

By: Mark Dunn  Sat 4th Jan 2020 - 9:40AM

2020 Australian Junior Championships

I am proud to announce the Victorian state team for the 2020 Australian Junior Championships in Albury NSW.

Congatulations to

  • Jack Green, U18 snooker
  • Sean Dempsey, U18 billiards
  • Mia Newman, U15 snooker
  • Ciaran Dempsey, U15 billiards
  • Mia Macheda, U12 snooker

Also representing Victoria in the singles events are Zackery Kidgell U12 and Noah Newman U12/15.

We wish you all the very best  in your competitions and enjoy your games representing the Victorian Billiards and Snooker Association.  News & updates will be posted.

Marc Fridman has turned 18 will be there as an official referee for the event and support for the Vic juniors.

Tony Fridman
Victorian Junior Co-ordinator & Team Manager

By: Mark Dunn  Fri 27th Dec 2019 - 7:08PM

Reventon Masters Financial Report 2019

Please find attached the

  • 2019 Reventon Masters Financial Report
  • Vinnies / Brick by Brick donation receipt
  • Sourav Kothari's Masters win as featured in the Times Sport


By: Alec Spyrou  Mon 16th Dec 2019 - 11:12PM

A message from Chris Christofi of Reventon

Thank you to all those who played and contributed to the Reventon Masters this past weekend at the RACV City Club. It was a great event thanks to you all. A special mention to Alex Render who has officially launched the Reventon Snooker website. You can keep up to date with all things Reventon Snooker @

Also please see a video message from Chris here

By: Alec Spyrou  Tue 10th Dec 2019 - 8:48PM

2019 Reventon Masters wrap up

The final of the 2019 Reventon Masters was contested between Johl Younger and Sourav Kothari after they surpassed Steve Mifsud and Joe Minici respectively.


It was a much better start for Johl, perhaps from having had a shorter break between matches resulting in him taking the first two frames comfortably. Sourav seemed to be a bit distracted during this stage missing shots that he normally would not.


Nevertheless, he rebounded to be 1-3 at the interval giving himself 15 minutes to reset and break Johl’s momentum.
Perhaps due to the slow pace of play, there was no real opportunity for Sourav to achieve this and watched Johl extend his lead to 5-2 needing only one more to win.


In the post interval frames Johl played very well and dominated the table rarely giving Sourav a chance.
Things changed after 5-2 with Johl looking to close out the match starting to tighten up and Sourav with nothing left to lose started to play more freely.


In the interview afterwards, Sourav even admitted to having thought the match over but through clever tactical play won the next two frames to make it 5-4. By this stage it was about 10pm and both players had had a full day of snooker by then, especially Johl after a long semi.


The spectators that stayed to watch this match were in the prime seat to watch some quality snooker and even down 5-4 the mood was starting to shift in favour of Sourav.


Johl made a couple of mistakes in the tenth trying to do too much and crawl over the line but the result was that Sourav won this frame with a couple of balls to spare. Having entered the decider we knew that anything could happen and that the previous ten meant very little in this do-or-die one frame shootout.


After trading a handful of non-scoring shots each, Sourav scored first with a high 20 break but with most of the balls still in play it was never going to be enough on its own. Johl scored next with a smaller score but Sourav added even more points to his own score soon after.


Johl managed to get in again and started on what should have been the match winner but broke down after getting out of position. Sourav then made Johl pay for his error going on the clear the table and claim his second Reventon title of the year having already won the Reventon Classic in June.


Congratulations to Sourav Kothari for becoming our 2019 Reventon Masters Champion.

I would also like to thank all our referees over the weekend and Larry Eforgan in particular for his role as Head Referee and for choosing to perform this role even on his birthday.

Thanks, must also go to Paul Cosgriff for directing this tournament and ensuring its ultimate success.

A very special thank you to Chris and his team at Reventon for sponsoring this event allowing us all to enjoy the best snooker players Australia has to offer competing against each other.

Kane Chigwidden

By: Alec Spyrou  Tue 10th Dec 2019 - 8:39PM

Victorian Billiards Rankings

The updated rankings post the 150-up Vic Billiards Championship is now available on our rankings page here

By: Alec Spyrou  Sat 30th Nov 2019 - 2:27AM

VBSA ByLaws Update November 2019

Changes have been made to Sections 2 & 10 of the VBSA ByLaws governing Pennant competition.  An e-mail will be sent to all registered VBSA players detailing the changes and a summary is attached here.

Go to this webpage to see current ByLaws.

By: Mark Dunn  Sat 9th Nov 2019 - 9:15AM

2019 Women's World Billiards

Melbourne’s Anna Lynch has become Victoria’s fourth World Billiards Champion by winning the 2019 Sylex Ergonomics World Women’s Billiards Championship at the RACV Club in Melbourne. Anna defeated Judy Dangerfield of Adelaide 244-204 in the 90-minute final to join Victoria’s roll of honour:


Walter Lindrum    1933 World Professional Billiards Championship

                            1934 World Professional Billiards Championship

Tom Cleary          1954 World Amateur Billiards Championship

Robby Foldvari    1986 World Professional Billiards Championship

                            1997 World Matchplay Billiards Championship

                            1998 IBSF World Billiards Championship

Anna Lynch         2019 World Women’s Billiards Championship


Congratulations Anna on joining such an illustrious group, long may your star continue to shine.

By: Alec Spyrou  Tue 15th Oct 2019 - 11:39AM

2019 World Billiards Championship – Final

Peter Gilchrist of Singapore has won his fourth World Billiards Championship by defeating Sourav Kothari of India 1307-967 in an enthralling five-hour final of the 2019 Endeavour Life Care World Billiards Championship at the RACV Club in Melbourne Australia.


With breaks of 279 and 253 Kothari led by over 300, but a 313 by Gilchrist towards the end of the middle session saw him take a narrow lead into the final session. A further 300 break in the last session saw Gilchrist draw away to win by over 300 in a masterful display of billiards in front of a sell-out audience of over 160 and a large viewing audience on the World Billiards YouTube channel.


Congratulations to Peter, to Sourav for such a wonderful display of championship billiards during the week, to all the players, referees and officials who took part, but most especially to the RACV Club for hosting a tournament of such high standard, and to the spectators for creating such an electric and appreciative audience.


The 1870 John Roberts Trophy is the oldest World Championship trophy in existence. It predates the famous Claret Jug for the British Open Golf Championship by three years and the Wimbledon Gentlemen’s Singles Trophy by seven years


Full results at



By: Alec Spyrou  Mon 14th Oct 2019 - 3:49PM

Kim Ivett ABSC Board Director

The VBSA Board is pleased to announce that Ms Kim Ivett has been chosen to take the role of Board Director on the ABSC Board and will represent the state of Victoria. Ms Ivett has performed many valuable actions on behalf of the sport both in Victoria and beyond to the benefit of all participants in cue sports. Ms Ivett brings good communication and strength in media representation to the national body. Our president, Mr Paul Cosgriff has further roles to take on and said he is most grateful to Ms (Kim) Ivett for stepping up to this role. He will be available for any assistance she needs

By: Alec Spyrou  Fri 4th Oct 2019 - 7:18PM

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